All of our equipment is state of the art from premium and reputable brands. 
Only the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are accepted.

Modern Technology

  • Digital x-rays are used to significantly reduce the dose to the patient.  Digital x-rays also give sharp images allowing for accurate and detailed imaging.
  • We have invested in an advanced lighting system with various modes, which allows us to do white fillings under optimum conditions to ensure the longevity of your filling.
  • We use premium materials to provide high quality restorations.
  • Our dental chair has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum patient comfort.


We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at Clarinbridge Dental. We have a dedicated sterilisation room with state of the art sterilisation equipment. Our sterilisation autoclave has been sourced from a world renowned manufacturer...Melag which is manufactured to the highest standards in Germany. All our instruments are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each use in a very strict process. Each instrument is checked following sterilisation prior to use.

All water used through our drills and equipment is distilled through a high performance Melag water distiller.

All staff are trained and proficient in our sterilisation and hand hygiene procedures which are compliant with the Dental Council of Ireland’s procedure on infection control in a dental practice.